Today’s a good day to fall in love, and Takipsilim just filled us with the promise of undying love with their debut single ‘Lalayo’!

What a way to start the day! Let’s enjoy the coffee weather with the up and coming band, Takipsilim. They just released their debut single called ‘Lalayo’ and it’s out on Spotify now! Check out the official audio and this amazing cover art!


Time to get to know the masters behind this amazing song! Let’s start with a fun fact. Takipsilim actually started with a school band! It’s kinda amazing what great things you can get from school activities. For the members of Takipsilim, it helped them realize that they sound really good playing together and so they joined ‘Space Jam’! The band’s goal is to make a statement in the OPM scene. Kind of a bold statement, but no one said it’s not doable considering the amount of talent they have! With this, they gave us their first single, ‘Lalayo’. And though it may be early to talk, we can say that the song really foretells the success of the band.

Takipsilim is Gianne Ola, Zeph Protacio (vocals), Franco Cantong (rhythm guitar), Herald Oliveros (lead guitar) Migo Guttierez (drums), and Maui Ibabao (bass)!


It would be easy to judge this as a sad ‘hugot’ song by the title, but the title is actually part of a phrase in the song that says, “Hindi ako lalayo sa’yo.” ‘Lalayo’ is Takipsilim’s first ever single and it’s a game changer!

The song is actually about resilience in love. You know, when two people are in a relationship, it’s not only the good days that count. Bad days happen, too. And this song talks about not wanting to let go of the person you love despite how dark your days grow, or how many fights you have. I think that’s beautiful! For a change, this song fills us with the promise that love will stay. What can we expect? It’s a song that opens with the line ‘Mahal na mahal kita,”.

Stream ‘Lalayo’ on Spotify!

It’s always nice to listen to new music from up and coming artists. This one, in particular, caught us off-guard when we heard ow good it is! This might just be the theme song you and your S.O. is looking for. If you’re single and happy, take this song as the standard for how you should be loved! How did you feel about ‘Lalayo’? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.