Feast your eyes on shortone & Alisson Shore’s latest MV drop, ‘Lakan’ as it tells the tale of a modern love story!

As our local artists further improve their craft, we are blessed with more and more wonderfully made Filipino songs. And these two musicians are not to lose. On Saturday, shortone & Alisson Shore dropped their ‘Lakan’ MV. It tackles the tale of two people bonded together by love but there’s only one problem, society forbids them to.

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The ‘Lakan’ MV follows the story of a same-sex couple. These days, this kind of relationship is becoming more and more acceptable. However, there are still some people who succumb to the stereotype. The reason why ‘Lakan’ is your modern love story is that it breaks barriers by portraying an unlikely duo.

The irony

Furthermore, what we loved most about ‘Lakan’ is the irony the song depicts. If you didn’t know, Lakan stands for a chieftain or lord while Lakambini is the female equivalent of Lakan. The title and the music video empowers its viewers in a way that we shouldn’t be limited by our gender.

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All in all, the lyrics of the song will slowly serenade and captivate you by its carefully chosen poetic words.

Ang ganda mo’y hindi ko na makukubli
Pag-ibig ko sayo’y hindi mabibili
Ito’y handog na ‘di kailangan ng sukli
Ako’y handang magpa-alipin at mas susulitin

Punta kahit saan man ang iyong ibig
Basta sa’kin ka lang papanhik
Ito’y bigay at ‘di kailangan ng balik
Ibig kong sabihin, sa’kin ka lang hahalik

If you haven’t watched the ‘Lakan’ MV yet, catch it right here!

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