In case you missed it, Halina is now under O/C Records. Recently, they have re-released two of their singles for a double drop.

A few months ago, O/C Records welcomed Halina under their wing as a new artist or as they like to call it, an Odd Creature. If you aren’t familiar yet, they are a four-piece band with a unique sound, diving into the baroque pop genre. Last November 15, two previous singles, ‘Kwarto Waltz’ and ‘Ukay Tamis’ by Halina, have been re-released under their new record label.

Halina Recordings

Formed in 2014 as an indie band from the University of Santo Tomas, Halina is the official recording project of Thomasian musician Divino Dayacap. He sings vocals, plays the guitar or the keyboard for the group, along with Travis Barce on the bass, Jon Acosta on the guitar, and Max Cinco on the drums.

Halina Music

Photo taken from the official Facebook page of Halina

Their two singles ‘Kwarto Waltz’ and ‘Ukay Tamis’ were previously released on Spotify under ‘Halina Recordings’ last 2018. But now that they are under O/C Records, they have done a double drop to re-release both of these songs under the record label.

Kwarto Waltz and Ukay Tamis

Listen to Halina’s two beautiful singles by simply playing the Spotify play button below.

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With ‘Kwarto Waltz’, you can surely hear a lot of interesting elements in the music. It gives you that ‘festive’ yet romantic vibe, as if a suitor is serenading you from beneath your windows while the town festival goes on. We really like it, especially with the way the vocalist just seems to whisper into our ears.

On the other hand, ‘Ukay Tamis’ (which has a brilliant pun, by the way), sounds much more relaxed and muted in comparison. Honestly, it is a song you would want to slow dance to with a loved one. Really, really wonderful to listen to.

Looking forward to more music from Halina!

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