LATEST DROP: Kuwento Ng Pag-Ibig MV – Pusakalye

Find yourself reminiscing the best moments of your relationship with the music video of ‘Kuwento Ng Pag-Ibig’ by PusaKalye.

Like a scene taken from your favorite romance film, ‘Kuwento Ng Pag-Ibig‘ presents us how love blossoms and grows. It might sound like an overstatement but the music video of Pusakalye‘s hit song overflows with emotion and ambiguity that will reel you in.

Pusakalye have branded themselves for having the best hugot songs for any occasion. Be it about heartbreaks, moving on, love or life in general. They’ve developed new music, stemming from the classic era of OPM in the 90s. And because of their infectious charm, they’ve been regarded as pioneers of melo-poetic pop-rock in the local music scene nowadays.

And with the release of the music video of their song, ‘Kuwento Ng Pag-Ibig’ proves how soulful and real their songs can be. Standing alone, ‘Kuwento Ng Pag-Ibig’ is a romantic ode of one’s love to someone. If you listen to the lyrics carefully, it’s like reciting a vow to your beloved. With all the dreamy and amorous words of affection. You can say that it’s more than enough to give you that shower of love from its verses. But with the music video, they’ve shown more than what we hear from the song itself.

Kuwento ng Pag-Ibig

To be perfectly honest, it’s like looking back to your favorite classic romantic drama films. Let’s say, ‘The Notebook’ or any Nicholas Sparks film back in the early 2000s. But putting that aside, the song lives up to its name, being a story of love.

‘Kuwento Ng Pag-ibig’ shows us how a relationship grows over time. And how a couple moves forward from one step to another in their timeline. The couple in the music video seems to be moving out of their home. It doesn’t tell that much if they’re going separate ways, especially with the flashbacks ingrained in every frame. But the mystery keeps you longing. It seems like the two has broken up but in the end, you’d find them moving on together to another phase of their relationship. All the reminiscing seems negative at first but it shows how a relationship can be rocky yet so sturdy at the same time.

It’s quite cute to see the boys of Pusakalye doing a cameo for their own music video. But what really had us reeled in is the ambiguity of the music video itself. If you listen to the song, your first thought would be that it’s a sad song. Coupled with the lackluster expression of the guy in the music video, you’d find yourself assuming that it would break your heart in the end. But knowing that they’ve endured all the hardships as a couple gets you thinking that there’s happiness after all. No matter how hard a relationship can be, it’s all about the patience, understanding, trust and of course, love that will keep you going. That’s true love for you.

You can listen to ‘Kuwento Ng Pag-Ibig’ by PusaKalye on Spotify!

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