Munimuni wants to give a little color to our world that’s already so grey with their new album, ‘Kulayan Natin’. This amazing life bit of an album is now out on Spotify!

I bet you all have been waiting for this ever since the band made the announcement that they’re going to release a new album. Well, we have been so patient, too! And now that it’s out, we want you to hear the beauty in the songs as well. Their carrying single ‘Kulayan Natin’ is definitely one for the books!  It’s a song about life, bravery, taking chances, and brightening up the world with happiness. Check out this lyric video.

I think we can all agree that this song is a masterpiece, both in the lyric video and the lyrics itself!

A clear reflection of life

There can be other makata-pop bands to exist, but Munimuni has definitely set the bars high for them! In true Munimuni fashion, the album’s carrying single ‘Kulayan Natin’ is a breather from the very saturated pop scene. This one song will make you think about your life and what you are doing with it.

Very rarely can songs do that! And it’s amazing that Munimuni had the ability to take their reflection of life and their learnings, and fluidly transfer that to paper and then into our ears and hearts. But it’s as they always say, words fail us most of the time, and that’s why songs are made. This being said, it’s unarguable that this song succeeded in the one thing it’s trying to do– make us want to live life to the fullest and embrace risks and possibilities. We think that this is the message of the album itself, to give color to life as it is.

Kulayan Natin

With 11 tracks, including remastered versions of their previously released songs which we already loved, ‘Oras’ and ‘Kalachuchi‘, and ‘Kulayan Natin’ became the band’s first-ever full-length album. They even featured Clara Benin in one of their songs! Being their debut album, we see ‘Kulayan Natin’ as a pretty big move for the band. Munimuni has made quite the name in the Filipino music scene throughout the years, and we certainly have loved them for their music! This being said, this new album could only be the reason for us to get even more excited for their next releases!

Using a painting as the cover art and the concept for the lyric videos is a clever choice! It really matches the feel of the song and the message it’s trying to say. A world can only be so dull and gray, but there’s nothing like smiles and laughter to make it bloom with color again!

This being said, we really suggest you listen to the tracks from ‘Kulayan Natin’!

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