Grab some tissues, get all wistful and you reminisce the good times with KPLI by Sabu!

There’s nothing wrong with being a little bit hopeful for a lost love. Because sometimes a lost love holds more than just the memories. But a love you’ll only encounter in one in a million lifetimes. And Sabu only proves it with her newest single, ‘KPLI’.

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You might have heard of her once or twice. But in case you didn’t, here’s a quick background of this new hidden darling in our midst. Sabu is a  singer-songwriter from Viva Records who rose to her ranks after bagging the Awit Awards. Back in 2017, this lady was just a movie and food critic for a lifestyle app. But after leaving her day job for her passion, her career started to skyrocket.

She boasts her vocal talents through her indie-pop tunes. And for her first single, it’s nothing but promising.

Hit single maker

Her song, ‘Walk Alone’, won her first Awit Award in 2018. Then Tulog Na took the top spot of Spotify’s Philippines Viral 50 playlist. Validation then got nominated an award in Awit Awards 2019. And right after that, her song ‘Glances’ got featured in the OST of ‘Ulan’ starring Nadine Lustre. It only goes to show that she is a hit-maker wonder like you’ve never seen before.

Unlike her previous songs, ‘KPLI’ displays a much more precise and refined sound. She challenges herself this time in creating an indie pop-rock anthem outside her comfort zone.

KPLI stands for Kung Pwede Lang Ibalik. And those words hold truer sentiments of the broken and damned. At first, it sounds like an angsty plea for a lost love. But as the song progresses, you find yourself thinking about how to cope with the loss that you know you won’t ever get back. There’s nothing new to the idea or theme it presents. But to how it was presented, plated to the listeners, it’s definitely a breath of fresh air. She might just be starting but it seems like Sabu is off a great start here. Make you look forward to what this indie darling has to offer.

Anyway, be sure to stream ‘KPLI’ by Sabu on Spotify and feel all sorts of vibes perfect for the sweater weather!

Credits to Nukie Timtiman for all of the amazing photos!

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