Following the success of his single ‘Komplikado’, Carlo Aquino just released its official music video and it’s confusing our little hopeless hearts!

Yup, that’s right! Actor-singer Carlo Aquino just released the official music video for his single called ‘Komplikado‘. We’ve waited a few months for this, but it’s surely worth it! Check it out!

As expected, Carlo Aquino appeared in the music video. But this time, he’s not singing while breaking the fourth wall and projecting in front of the camera. If anything, it surprises us that he isn’t really the main focus of the video. Its creators clearly intended for us to focus on the two main characters. In the video, Carlo is shown as a performer at the bar where the two main characters met.

A simple yet confusing storyline

Every music video tells a story. As for ‘Komplikado’, it’s a simple one. Just the regular boy meets girl scene, but before this, the guy was shown to be troubled or looking sad while drinking beer, and that’s when she met the girl. Throughout the music video, we saw how their relationship progressed. We also saw how the relationship is now over troubled waters as the guy was seemingly wooing the girl to no avail. I mean, we all get it, but what’s confusing is what caused the big fight? We didn’t see that little important detail. Nonetheless, the MV still portrayed what it needed to portray– the song’s message in which the guy is trying to persuade the girl to make up after he has made a mistake.

One location

We think it’s amazing that the producers of this music video were able to tell us a story and show the singer, Carlo Aquino, in just one location! The majority of the music video was taken inside a bar and okay, maybe a few scenes by a window where the girl stares into space, but other than that, there is no other location other than the bar. They met there, they broke up there, and the guy tries his futile attempts at reconciliation there. Amazing.


We have loved the song for what it is, but the music video added a nice new addition on the list of things to love! But also, we love the song for the message it is trying to say:

Nais ko sanang subukang

Ibalik ang kamalian

Tayo na’t pagsaluhan ang alinlangan

Saliwasa pihit ng mundo

Pagdudahan, ‘di na kailangan

Pusong atrasado, komplikado

Love is a complicated thing, and I think we were never meant to completely understand it. That’s the fun and the risk of it! But it gets even harder when we commit mistakes, that’s why apologies like this are very important. With this, ‘Komplikado’ sums up what probably every person who’s made mistakes in their relationships is feeling. Definitely stream this song on Spotify!

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