Experience a love of uncertainty and taking risks with an acoustic serenade from none other than Carlo Aquino! ‘Komplikado’ is out on Spotify now!

Following his film ‘Ulan‘ with Nadine Lustre which came out just last month, Carlo Aquino graced us again, not with a movie or a show, but with a song! And what more, it’s a song about trying to fix the mistakes of the past (hmmm?). We’d like you to get the meaning through the words of the song though, so here’s the official lyric video while we’re at it!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kgl6jmZ-rdQ[/embedyt]

Carlo Aquino

He was our childhood boy crush. We all have loved Carlo from the ‘Pahina’ to the ‘Tanging Ina’ days, and we have seen him grow as an actor through his teenage years. His talent in acting couldn’t be denied, in fact, he’s made a lot of us cry with maybe one or two of the films he has starred in, but he can sing, too! He became popular as the vocalist of the band Kollide. His last song release was in 2018, which was only a year ago but it felt like forever!


Love is complicated, and it’s supposed to be like that, I guess. We’re never meant to understand everything about it, which makes it all the more beautiful. This song says it like it is. ‘Komplikado’ talks about making mistakes in the past, and wanting to correct them. But then, of course, once you hurt someone, it’s never easy to trust again. The guy is kinda urging the girl to take the risk again for him even though everything is uncertain.

Nais ko sanang subukang

Ibalik ang kamalian

Tayo na’t pagsaluhan ang alinlangan

Saliwasa pihit ng mundo

Pagdudahan, ‘di na kailangan

Pusong atrasado, komplikado

This song sounds so real. If I’m the girl he’s singing this to, I’d definitely buy it (being the “marupok” that I am). I mean, it’s Carlo Aquino! But it’s not us, and every person is different, and we’ll never know.

We’ll be looking out for more songs from him, that’s for sure! But for now, stream ‘Komplikado’ on Spotify!

This song is truly heartbreaking yet so sweet. What did you think about ‘Komplikado’? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.