Joining the forces of friendship, history, and love for music—TridenT has released their 4th album ‘Kislap’. And here’s why we should all lend them our ears!

Love isn’t just about heartbreaks, this is what we thought of when listening to the album. Kislap shows us the different sides of love through amazing music and vocals combined!


Hailing from Quezon City, Philippines, TridenT gives us one of the best rock music both from the ’90s and in the 20th century. The band has a nice catch to it, though. They started out in high school! This band’s history dates way back to 1993, where high school buddies from Sto. Tomas, Batangas developed a love for music. The initial band members were Jouville “Ubeng” Gevaña, Ely Girang, Randy Silva, Caezar Girang, and Ramil Centeno.

However, like any other band, TridenT has seen breakups and rebuilding. In 2001, the band broke up, and this lasted ’till 2009, and so it was impossible for them to perform in many events. However, the love for music never faded, and in 2010, they were back on track. They waited 9 years, people! But still, they never gave up on their friendships and music.

We can see how the passing years affected their music. Their influences mainly consisted of Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, Ugly Kid Joe, Firehouse, Mr. Big. and other Heavy Metal bands during that era. And what more! Their songs are mostly originals, which were written in the years 1993 to 1995. How timeless that we still can listen to these songs and love them, because the band has put in the effort in keeping them alive.

The band’s current members are Allan Cruz on vocals, Caezar Girang on lead guitar, Franj Nunez on guitar, Siemer Andag on bass, and Jeff Pilien on percussions.


‘Kislap’ is Trident’s 4th album released on Spotify, and it consists of 12 songs! The creativity never runs out on this band, it appears, because all of their albums contain no less than 10 songs. They have been in the business for many years, after all.

My favorite track, personally, is ‘Kislap’, the album name carrier. It just speaks about being in love more than the other songs. Not the heartbreaking type of love, though, but the happy, butterflies-in-the-stomach kind of love. It’s like going back to the first time you fell in love and finding the right time, the right moment, to finally admit it. You know, those little high school crushes, where holding their hands would make you feel all giddy inside, and their eyes always seemed to sparkle (how dreamy!). It’s always nice to feel good about love again, in a time where love already has a bad name, this song made it look like it does more than break people’s hearts.

What are you waiting for, stream the album now!

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