Another gritting anthem, Kill This Love by BLACKPINK demonstrates a new sense of creativity from the ladies.

Breaking records and healing hearts at the same time, BLACKPINK’s Kill This Love showcases a new side of the girl group. With their newest five-track EP, the girls tread on the idea of ditching love out of the equation as they discover so much more about themselves. Indeed, a self-discovery anthem that bursts with positivity and angst.

The Yay

‘Kill This Love’ highlights the best assets of each member, their vocal talents. Lisa’s rapping proved astounding as ever, especially in the cereal part of the music video. Even Jennie’s sort-of-rap attempt showed her versatility, wowing everyone. Though it sounded washed out by vocal effects, it still demonstrated a shrill that catches you off guard. Jisoo’s pre-chorus parts added a fine tune of bad-ass but it was Rose’s striking vocals built the momentum up before the hard-hitting chorus. Rose’s parts seemed untouched by vocal effects, preserving the individuality of voice that added that missing flair.

It was quite shocking to hear the girls sing a lot of English lyrics as well. Admit it, the swagger as you hear Jennie sing “His love is my favorite” makes you wanna melt. And even when the subtle accent during Jisoo and Rose’s English parts blows you away.

The music video showed how matured they all look like. Compared from their previous tracks, there’s an air of sophistication and badass demeanor enveloping all of them. In a similar manner, the lyrics of the song showed it as well. There’s no more room for pain, only growth as they leave love to dust, unshackling themselves from the grasp of romance and it’s consequences. Just by the looks of it, BLACKPINK tells us that we shouldn’t force ourselves in a love that destroys us. Better kill it before it festers and destroys us from within.

The Meh

Indeed, it’s an anthemic, coliseum-rocking anthem. From the raw vocal talents of the Korean quartet up to the visuals of the music video. But somehow, despite the anthemic melody of Kill This Love, it seemed anticlimactic over the chorus. No doubt, the song provided that catchy heavy drop and beats all over, partnered with their amazing vocals.

But at some point, there appears to be something missing in the track. Even with the coliseum-rocking tunes they aim, the chorus falls comparatively flat compared to their other tracks like Ddu-Du Ddu-Du. Their track seems lost between an emotional melody and a hard hip-hop dance tune. Even the choreography lacks a bit.

But still loved it

But all in all, ‘Kill This Love; grows on you. It’s a step up from their previous tracks and shows how far they’ve gone. It ain’t hard-hitting at the first take but it guarantees you that hype and thrill that will latch into your mind. But if you’re over love and wanted to sojourn life alone, Kill This Love is an anthem that you should put on repeat.

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