Almost relationship? Pa-fall? It’s not you it’s me? Well, we’ve got a song that can relate!

Walang Tayo Song by Ken Liwanag

To all of you who were victims of the following things above, there is finally a song that can relate! We give you ‘Walang Tayo Song’ by Ken Liwanag.

Today’s dating scene is like going through a war field riddled with land-mines, and if you’re lucky you’ll make it through the other side unscathed. But more often than not, most of us always manage to step on one.

Somehow, we always tend to encounter people that come into our lives only to hurt us. And sometimes it’s through an almost relationship, people who lead us on, or people who are just not ready. Well, whatever the case we feel you! And this song may not be enough to take away the hurt, but maybe it’ll be enough to let you know that you’re not alone.

So listen to ‘Walang Tayo Song’ by Ken Liwanag!

Walang Tayo Song by Ken Liwanag

Walang Tayo Song by Ken Liwanag

So maybe to make things simple, you could send this song to that special someone so you won’t need to ask “hindi pa rin ba tayo?” (are we not a couple yet?) in person. As you’ve heard for yourselves, ‘Walang Tayo Song’ is a song that visually explains when a person wants to DTR (define the relationship).

It’s that point in a relationship where you’re always together, and you both seem happy with each others company. But you haven’t exactly talked about what you are to each other. And it’s getting complicated because you’re starting to have feelings.

So since this is the first time we’re featuring this band, let’s get to know them a little better! Ken Liwanag is a four-piece band consisting of Ken Liwanag (Lead Vocals and Guitar), Pau Isidro (Guitar), Weil Ylagan (Bass), Jim Esteban (Keyboard), Regin Nolasco (Drums). And ‘Walang Tayo Song’ is actually their debut single, it was released just last November 22.

So give these debut artists some love by streaming ‘Walang Tayo Song’ by Ken Liwanag on Spotify!

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Overall, we loved the catchy lyrics of ‘Walang Tayo Song’ by Ken Liwanag. And not to mention the amount of truth that it holds about today’s dating scene. But personally, for us, we would rather know if the relationship is going anywhere or not. So that we don’t end up wasting any more time. It’s like ripping a band-aid off, the worst part is over when you finally get it over with.

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*Photos grabbed from Ken Liwanag’s Official Facebook Page