‘Kasunduan’ by Skip Saturday is the perfect OST for Watch Me Kill and we are CLAIMING IT!

Skip Saturday just dropped their latest single, ‘Kasunduan’ as the OST for ‘Watch Me Kill’! And we believe it’s the perfect OST for the upcoming action-thriller film. Want to know why? Keep on reading!

Even if you don’t know what ‘Watch Me Kill’ is about, you’ll definitely get a clue of it from the song ‘Kasunduan’. The song starts off with pulsating drum beats that slowly builds momentum and then blasting a tremendously satisfying guitar solo! ‘Kasunduan’ surely takes us to a first-hand feel of the movie with its rogue-vibe tunes.

Furthermore, ‘Kasunduan’ sends a message about continuing to persevere even if the whole world is against you. From the lyrics it says,

Sa mundong masikip na ginagalawan,

Kinahon pa ang sarili sa kadiliman,

Tapangan at lumaban ka hanggang sa iyong huling hininga

Skip Saturday, anyone?

Introducing… Skip Saturday! This band is a must-listen for sure! Skip Saturday is a Filipino alternative pop/rock band formed in 2017. It consists vocalist Riki Bolalin, bassist Jerome Abrera, rhythm guitarist Russel Francisco, lead guitarist Vhon Sacueza, and drummer Jay-Ar Villabrille.

You may have heard them from their other singles like ‘Landas’, ‘Simula’t Sapul’, and ‘Manghuhula’

‘Watch Me Kill’

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Salapi ang kapalit ng kasunduan.” This is the very first line of the song, ‘Kasunduan”, which perfectly portrays the plot of ‘Watch Me Kill’.

For our viewers that don’t know what ‘Watch Me Kill’ is about, here’s a little heads up! ‘Watch Me Kill’ is an official entry film for the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino this September 13-19! It focuses on Luciana (Jean Garcia), a contract-killer whose life will be forever changed after she saves the girl whom she was supposed to kill. Luciana re-purposes her life to raising this girl amid a world full of evil.

Without a doubt, ‘Kasunduan’ is a song you can listen to lift up your spirits. Not just by its lyrics though, the way its melody was constructed plays a part too! Remember the “building up” moment the song has?

Well, we know you’re just itching to hear this song we’re talking about, so feel free to listen to it right now!

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