To hold on or to let go? That’s a tough one, right? But really, the real question is… Do you even have anything to hold on to in the first place? That’s what Kapit Pa music video is all about!

I know. It’s painful, isn’t it? Not knowing if you should hold on to that love or just let it go. But honestly, sweetheart, do you even have anything to hold on to? Or did you already lose it without even realizing?

In the Kapit Pa music video of Pusakalye, that’s what it’s all about! If you know the song, then you know the painful lyrics. And finally, we have its MV right here. So go ahead and check it out!

‘Kapit Pa’ by Pusakalye really is heartbreaking especially if you’re in a failing relationship. Or you can also relate if you’re hopelessly in love with someone who doesn’t feel the same way. Not knowing if you should hold on or let go is such a big dilemma (trust me, I know!).

Because, what if you let go and there’s still a chance for it to work out? But what if you hold on and you get so shattered there’s no going back? No wonder ‘Kapit Pa’ has a really huge impact. It’s very relatable and don’t we just love songs that could express what we feel?

Now, to hurt us even more (not cool!), we finally have its official music video!

‘Kapit Pa’ MV

Loving someone unconditionally is a thing. But sometimes, you have to draw the line on whether or not what you’re fighting for is still right. In the music video, we see the happy parts of the relationship and of course, the part that no one wants—the downfall.

No one can blame him, right? It’s hard not to look back on such a special moment. Especially when they’ve both expressed their desire to spend the rest of their lives with each other. The relapse of the male protagonist is understandable. You hang out at the exact same spot wherein a heart-tugging moment happened and question how on earth could you go from *that* to now being alone pleading for her to see you.

And of course, while looking at those times when your heart was at its happiest, you also start to remember the hints that your relationship is spiraling downwards.

Mahal kita ngunit mahal mo siya

Bibitawan na lang ba kahit puso’y kumakapit pa

Ahhh, martyr. Sure there were hints but of course, your heart won against the battle with the brain.

Sometimes, we have to let go and face the reality that what was once beautiful and special is now just a distant memory. But bitaw na. Let go. If the person is no longer giving what you deserve, love yourself and choose to walk away from things that would only do you harm.

Truthfully, the fight for the male protagonist is over. It wasn’t a matter of deciding if he should hold on or let go of their relationship because there’s nothing to hold on to anymore. It’s only the case of letting go of things that are no longer meant to be.

Easter egg!

Heartbreak aside, have you seen the poster of Pusakalye?

To be honest, I wanted a full-on cameo but let’s take what we can get, right?

Overall, ‘Kapit Pa’ is not only heartbreaking. But being accompanied by its music video, it reminds us that we have to draw the line when fighting for love.

Go and stream ‘Kapit Pa’ by Pusakalye!

What do you think of the Kapit Pa music video? Did Pusakalye break your heart once again? Have you ever been in the position of not knowing whether to let go or to hold on? Share it to us in the comment section below. You can also send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. Cry to this song with us!