Warning! Kapit Pa by Pusakalye is bad for fragile hearts! Not good for fragile hearts!

We are not amused! Kapit Pa by Pusakalye got released in Spotify after so long and we repeat, we are not amused! ‘Kapit Pa’ by Pusakalye has been breaking our hearts since day one and with its release in Spotify, it made our broken hearts die a bit more. But we still want more!

Pusakalye has been rising in the local indie scene and they have been delivering the best heartbreak songs we’ve ever heard. They’ve been known for their covers but when they released their original compositions, they had us coming back for more. ‘Sana’ and ‘Tila’ are just a few of their songs but oh boy, they’ll really make you run for your heart!

They’re actually giving the 2000 music era vibe with their “emo” songs and even their album covers! Minimalistic but straight to the heart, just like their songs. ‘Kapit Pa’ has always been out there but there are little to none videos or clips of the said song.

So you might want to take a look at a live performance of ‘Kapit Pa’ by Pusakalye.

‘Kapit Pa’ by Pusakalye is yet another heartbreak song for everyone who’s been struggling in a failing relationship. If you’re still holding on to a relationship where your significant other has gone cold, then this is your go-to! You can never go wrong with those straight to the heart line that will make you say “aww, I felt that too.”

Basta’t ikaw ang makatuluyan
Sikretong tinago ng ousong lumalaban
Mahal kita ngunit mahal mo siya
Bibitawan na lang ba kahit puso’y kumakapit pa

See what we mean? Everyone is going nuts about this since they’ve been waiting for this song to be accessible. Even if we are not heartbroken, we are really digging ‘Kapit Pa’ and the reality that it tells us. Well, everyone’s a sucker for a good heartbreak song, right?

If you missed the feels of this song, join the bandwagon and head to Spotify and add ‘Kapit Pa’ by Pusakalye to your playlist!

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