LATEST DROP: Kapit by Armi Millare

Kapit by Armi Millare is part of the OST of the ‘Alone/Together’ movie. Try not to cry while listening to this one!

You know the movie ‘Alone/Together‘ and the saddening love story in it. Making heart breaks even more, ‘Kapit’ by Armi Millare is part of the OST. And I swear the UDD lead vocalist would make you cry no matter how hard you think your heart is!

Check out the lyric video and make sure you have a box of tissue with you. Kidding! Or maybe not…

Pilit sa putik aking pupulutin nang isa isa

Mga pangarap kong nabasag tila bubog sa paa

If you’ve seen the hit movie of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, then this song wouldn’t merely come off as a simple love song to you. It can also tackle how one is lost and in a struggle to finding the path that would lead to their dreams. ‘Kapit’ can be a song of someone whose goal slipped right through their fingertips.

Old love being remembered in ‘Kapit’

As a pre-Valentine’s Day heartbreaking present, Armi Millare who we’ve grown to love from UDD, her single ‘Kapit’ was released on February 13. If you’re heartbroken this season of love, then a friendly warning that this single would torment you even more.

Mga matang noon ay may kislap pa

Ngayon ay mugtung mugto, sanay sa luha

Isn’t it sad though? That back then, your eyes would shine out of happiness and love. But ever since it came to an end, the life leaves your eyes. And its swollenness is a reminder to everyone that you’re not okay and you won’t be anytime soon yet.

Kaya higpitan ko ang kapit sa mga kamay ng oras

Nang ‘di ‘to lumipas lang

Sana ay aking sinulit ang panahon na tayo’y mga bata pa

If you’ve seen ‘Alone/Together‘ or maybe even just the trailer, these lines truly makes a lot of sense. It describes how now that you’ve crossed paths with your past love, you can’t help but maintain a tight grip on time. Not wanting it to reach the inevitable end yet and wishing that you could go back to when you were both younger and together.

Kaya higpitan ko ang yakap sa’yo

Alam kong hindi ‘to magtatagal

Sana ako’y maalala mo na ganito

You try to fight time as much as you could so you don’t have to say farewell once more. But you know you’ll have to so you tighten your final embrace, trying to make sure you hug them enough. So that when you part ways, maybe they’ll remember your touch the way you would for a very long time.

Time is a powerful thing. It can make or break you. It can heal you. And it can also show you how sometimes no matter how long the gap is, you only come to realize at the end that you haven’t moved on yet when you see them once more. That the person in front of you even years later is still and will always be your TOTGA. Time can also be our enemy when it keeps on ticking but you just don’t want to say goodbye yet.

*Sigh*, it’s just so saddening, guys. But this one is still going to be on my playlist because I’m a masochist like that lol!

Did Kapit by Armi Millare break your heart? Does it remind you of your TOTGA? Have you seen the movie ‘Alone/Together’ yet? Tell us everything in the comment section below! You can also send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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