Imagine seeing your ex with someone else. Hurts? 5th String Band gives us the feels with their latest single called ‘Kamiseta’, and they have released an equally heartbreaking music video!

Do you still have your ex’s clothes with you? I say get rid of them! But 5th String Band apparently would choose to reminisce about it more. ‘Kamiseta’ is a heartbreaking alternative rock that gives us the pain of sudden flashbacks and regrets. Here’s the official music video for the song!

Just like how the song is about taking back memories, the music video is reminiscent of those videos we used to make in high school or college with the sepia tones and flash to white effects. It presents the idea of teenage love in a very nostalgic way. The MV plays well through the snaps and stops of the song, and it makes it more pleasing to the eyes!

Story-wise, the music video seems to have no intent but to hurt our feelings. But I guess that’s how you know it’s effective! It’s straight-up in narrative form. No mystery here, just painful memories. The music video shows how a happy relationship fell apart. Now the guy is filled with regret that he let go of their love, seeing the love of his life with some other guy, wearing the same sentimental shirt she wore before.

5th String Band

Composed of Brenan Santos (Vocals), Christian Cumabig (Guitar), Oliver Macedonio (Drums), Maro Ignacio (Bass, 2nd Vocals), and Ervin Kent Cezar (Keyboard, Violin), 5th String band has been active for over a year now. ‘Kamiseta’ is the band’s second single, following ‘Gustong-Gusto Kita’ from last year. Following an alternative-rock genre, the band has made their existence known in the music scene, doing gigs and going as radio guests.


Kamiseta literally translates to “shirt” in Filipino. Basically, the song says about how a shirt can bring back a lot of memories. What I like about the song is, it does not blame the other person for the heartache. The writer gets that it’s partly his fault that the relationship faded, and he’s left with regrets. While the video shows elements of alcohol and some light violence, it perfectly shows how going through a heartbreak would usually be for most people. We all have moments where we want to drown all the pain and sometimes do wrong under the influence of liquor. It’s an ugly side of love, but hey, it’s the truth.

You can also stream ‘Kamiseta’ on Spotify!

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