New single Kalachuchi by Munimuni is here! Wondering why people are hyping over this one? Then check it out with us right here!

Kalachuchi by Munimuni was released last Saturday to start off our December! And we are so grateful to one of our favorite bands for gifting us yet again with another great music.

Not only did their new single dropped on Spotify, but we are also blessed with an amazing official lyric video. Haven’t seen it yet? Then what are you waiting for? Check it out now!

A blessed Christmas season indeed as Munimuni stirs up the masses!

‘Kalachuchi’ by Munimuni

Munimuni is an indie folk band, but what sets them aside from other OPM bands is their makata songs! It got everyone hooked as their makata songs speak volumes about love and life. With their new single entitled ‘Kalachuchi’, they showcased that once again.

Wala sa ‘king mga kamay
Ang init na bubuhay
Kundi sa kamay ng araw
Sa kanyang mga daliri
Titindi ang mga anino
Ngunit ang iyong mga talulot
Ay sisigla rin

Of course, Munimuni also showcased their talents in producing quality music once more. That’s why ‘Kalachuchi’ is giving us such goosebumps!

‘Kalachuchi’ is a bittersweet song but is optimistic in its entirety. It’s about the “self” and how one can bloom once again no matter what. It tells of how rising up should not be dependent on others but in yourself and the bright and positive things in front of you.

This emotional song also highlights that no matter the circumstances, you can always seek redemption. But it is also a reminder that you must find the hope and means to do so within you.

The Official Lyric Video

[media-credit name=”Fan Art by @mqng” align=”aligncenter” width=”1918″][/media-credit]

To prove the hype that this new single is causing, just look at this beautiful fan art by Karl Rose Gapol! Beautiful, isn’t it?

Dancer Sofia Paderes showcased her amazing talents through an interpretative dance in this official lyric video. She danced gracefully, emotionally, and powerfully along Area 2 despite the people, cars, and shops around her.

Her dance can be interpreted as minding yourself and doing your own thing despite the onlookers. Because the harsh truth is, not everyone can comprehend and understand you. Just like what the ‘Kalachuchi’ was saying—that only you can rise up and must not depend on others.

And oh! Is it just us or did the Munimuni members TJ de Ocampo and Josiah Tumaliuan made a cameo? 😉

Give ‘Kalachuchi’ a listen on Spotify now!

How about you? What do you think of Kalachuchi by Munimuni? What emotions were the song able to pull out of you? Share it with us through the comment section below or send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh