Are you ready to get blown into a new wave of OPM Soul? Because ‘Kailangan Kita’ by Zion is the freshest sound we’ve heard from the sub-genre in a while!

Yes, you definitely read that right. If you’re looking for something that’s authentically new in the OPM scene, look no further! Because ‘Kailangan Kita’ by Zion is what your ears are missing! It’s a definite far cry from the OG stylings of Regine Velasquez and Jaya, who are the absolute queens of OPM Soul. But don’t dismiss this up-and-comer just yet, his newest song that was released last September 27 has a unique edge to it that’s just simply: fresh. Don’t believe us? Judge it for yourselves. Listen to ‘Kailangan Kita’ by Zion on Spotify:

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‘Kailangan Kita’

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If you’ve gotten this far then you must believe us by now! We told you this artist isn’t someone you should dismiss easily. Now let’s get to into the nitty-gritty of ‘Kailangan Kita’. Behind the powerful vocals and a catchy hook, the lyrics tell a different story. So have you ever gotten to a point in your life where you have everything you want, except that one person who could give it all meaning? Yeah? Then get ready to relate real bad to this one. When Zion sings:

Akin ang buong mundo

Daigdig ay nasa palad ko

Ngunit aanhin naman ito

Kung wala ka na sa piling ko?

It just makes us appreciate what little we have out of life. Sure we may not have a fancy house or a luxury car. But after a long day’s work and hectic commute, the house we arrive in is home. Because we have people we love to share it with. Unfortunately in ‘Kailangan Kita’ Zion desperately pleads for that certain someone to come back into his life. And the whole chorus is just that: I need you.

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But who is the artist behind ‘Kailangan Kita’? Zion isn’t exactly a new-comer in the music scene. As his first single ‘Ever My Only Love’ debuted way back in 2015. But he’s only now making a dedicated come-back because he feels he’s been given a reason to. Zion Aquino is an advocate for cancer awareness, as he himself is diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer. This is his third time battling the disease and we wish him nothing but good health and a full recovery. But what he wants to achieve more than ever is that through his music he can be a shining example. That people with the same affliction shouldn’t limit themselves. That they can still chase after their dreams and live their lives. Even though the certainty of the future is unknown.

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