Friendzoned? We found the perfect song for you! ‘Kaibigan Lang’ by Hazel Faith is out on Spotify now!

There is love in friendship, but sometimes it’s hard to accept that you can’t ever be anything more than a friend to the person you love! Hazel Faith’s ‘Kaibigan Lang’ perfectly encapsulates the feelings of unrequited love!

Hazel Faith

You probably remember Hazel Faith from her interpretation of her song called ‘Everything Takes Time’ from the 2014 Himig Handog Songwriting Competition. The song became a finalist and was well-loved! ‘You’ll get there somehow,” the song says. And true enough, she got to where she intended to go! The competition kickstarted her career as a singer and an artist.

Other than singing, Hazel also practiced architecture and also acted in some films and TV shows! Not a surprise to us, though, since she has the beauty for it. But most of all, we love how talented she is and how she is driven to achieve in life! With all this, she has worked hard to become the artist that she is, one that we should definitely watch out for!

Kaibigan Lang

Falling in love with a friend is probably the hardest thing ever. You try to think of ways to confess your feelings. And sometimes you get scared that if it doesn’t work out, you would have wasted a friendship that could have been great. Do you tell the person how you feel? Or do you just stay by the sidelines, listen to their rants and laugh at their jokes? It’s always a hard choice, especially if that particular friend like somebody else. That’s when it becomes torture. Because you’re very close friends, there’s a big chance that you’d always get to hear stories about the two of them when your friend asks you for advice.

I don’t think the word “kaibigan” could be emphasized more in this song. It was repetitive as if to rub it in our faces! ‘Kabigan Lang’ talks about the struggles of unrequited love, but the willingness to stay, even just as a friend for the person you love. The song proves that if you really love someone, you’ll let them be happy, even if it’s not with you.

You can also stream ‘Kaibigan Lang’ on Spotify!

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