MilesExperience just dropped the official music video for ‘Kahit Sandali Lang’, and it is sure to blow your mind!

MilesExperience is back, indeed. They graced us with their latest single called ‘Kahit Sandali Lang‘, but they don’t plan on stopping there! The official music video for the song is out now. Check it out!

Kahit Sandali Lang MV

Kahit Sandali Lang‘ is a heartbreaking song as it is. So we couldn’t wait to see how the music video would turn out! Well, we can tell you one thing– it did not disappoint. The music video merges perfectly with the song and it gives you the same vibe.

The only thing we’re very curious to know is what happened to the guy? As we could see, the music video showed a happy couple, going through a lot of happy moments. Nothing grand, just little things that define the relationship. However, all these seem to be flashbacks of the past. It seemed like the girl is in the present, packing her things and moving out of the house. Did the guy die? Did they break up? We’re not sure. But from the emotions shown by the girl in the music video– she looked like she was about to go crazy and we think it’s something serious.

Kahit Sandali Lang

It hasn’t been long since MilesExperience dropped their latest single called ‘Kahit Sandali Lang’, and we lived for it. ‘Kahit Sandali Lang’ speaks about not being able to wait for time to pass until you can be with somebody you love again. It’s longing and patience at the same time, things we both love and hate in love. With this, MilesExperience’s comeback song is one for the books, and we can all relate. I mean, who among us hasn’t experienced missing someone so much that a moment with them would suffice? That’s right, no one!

Want to experience the song for yourself wherever you go? Feel free to stream their song on Spotify! Definitely add this to your playlist.

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