She’s Coming Home chose to surprise us with a twist we couldn’t have foreseen in their music video for Kahit Saglit!

It hasn’t been long since She’s Coming Home released their latest single called ‘Kahit Saglit‘, and it gave us all the right feels while still being so relaxingly good. ‘Kahit Saglit’ is about a love that didn’t work out, and how we should just let it be (ouch!). However, they did make a good spin on the lyrics when they released this very intriguing music video. Check it out!

We could never have seen the ending coming. At first glance, you would think that it’s just a relationship that began happily but is now on the rocks. But it turns out the girl was actually a prostitute of some sort! The catch is that she did not know that the guy was married.

She’s Coming Home

We have loved the band for their fresh alternative sound, but their songs and music videos prove that there is more to them than just that! They take their music videos seriously, we assume, because they have inserted different elements to it (we’ll get to those)!

Aside from their alternative sound, we think what makes the band so recognizable when you hear their music is the vocals. Karla Lopez’ voice is truly an amazing pairing to their music, and everything just adds up so well! ‘Kahit Saglit’ is just their third single. But we’re absolutely looking forward to what else this band has in store for us.

An interesting feat…

The music video did look amazing, production-wise. The color grading also fit the whole feel that the video is going for. Overall, the film had that nice ’50s vibe, and the costumes went well with the theme. Karla’s red dress paired with that lacey glove and red lips also did give us the feel of the ’50s, but there’s more to the video than just that.

I think it’s amazing how the producers of the MV figured out a very clever way to twist the lyrics around. The storyline will make you wonder why nobody has seen the lyrics as ambiguous, and how you never saw that interpretation of the song. The scenes were very explicit without having to actually show sensitive clips.

The 7 deadly sins also had a cameo at the end of the music video! With this and the storyline, ‘Kahit Saglit’ is made to not be just a regular love song. You can stream the song on Spotify, too!

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