LATEST DROP: Kahit Saglit by She’s Coming Home

Smiting us with their alternative sound, She’s Coming Home’s ‘Kahit Saglit’ becomes our very own anthem for moving on!

She’s Coming Home never fails to amaze us with their music. Deviating from their sexy tunes that we have come to love, the band now appeals to our emotions with ‘Kahit Saglit’. It is out on Spotify now!

She’s Coming Home

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again. We love She’s Coming Home for their alternative sound. It’s because when you’re having a rough day and just want to relax, this is the type of music you listen to! The band takes it a bit lighter with their music instead of going hard rock. And don’t get me wrong, rock is good, too! But She’s Coming Home’s music is the type that puts you in the right headspace to relax and calm down.

Formulated in 2015, the band has been active in the music scene for quite a while now. And although this is only the third single they have released on Spotify, they have been present in all other music platforms! They have videos on the tube that you can check out for an easy vibe. The band consists of brothers Robert Besana, the lead guitarist, Vladimir Besana, their bassist and their niece Karla Lopez on vocals. Aside from them, they also have Ron Padilla on rhythm guitar and keyboard and Jeariel Mira on drums. Karla’s huskily sexy vocals paired with the great musicality of the band makes a perfect match!

Kahit Saglit

Although we don’t see the words ‘Kahit Saglit’ very often mentioned in the lyrics, it does make sense when you look at what the song is trying to say. With the band’s usual alternative tune, ‘Kahit Saglit’ talks about trying to move on when the memories of the other person’s kisses and presence still haunt you. If anything, the song is quite relatable. We think that the lyrics are telling us that the guy is somehow trying to get back together with the girl. But the girl, knowing full well that it wouldn’t work, asks that they don’t force it anymore. It’s enough that they have been together even for a short while. But she’s not denying the fact that she misses the guy.

I’m sure most of us have found ourselves in the same situation! Knowing you still, love the person but knowing better than to come back to them. I think I’ve found my run-to jam! You can join in the fun and stream it right here!

She’s Coming Home is definitely firing us with great music! What did you think about ‘Kahit Saglit’? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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