Color The Era returns with a brand new single titled ‘Kahit Na Hindi Tayo‘, and it has a more simplistic, stripped back nature of Ron Pangyarihan’s music. 

In case you are looking for music that really tries to make a connection with its listeners, you must absolutely try listening to Color The Era. With singles like “Hanggang Kailan“, the band appeals to fragile audiences with raw, heartfelt songs. Now, they have just recently released a brand new single. Titled “Kahit Na Hindi Tayo“, it brings a painful yet relatable perspective on love.

Color The Era’s new single speaks volumes even though the sound is a bit simplistic and laid back. Somehow, the message and it’s effect on people is heightened as the singer’s voice just seems to whisper directly into our hearts. To know what we mean, listen to Color The Era’s “Kahit Na Hindi Tayo” with us.

A raw, heartfelt song about longing and desperation

As we call can hear, the song talks about longing for an important someone. Discussing themes such as desperation brought by loneliness, the lyrics of the track continuously hurts us with the relatable feeling of wanting someone’s presence, even without the reciprocation of love. The lyrics below explain it all.

Hinahanap-hanap ka
Puso’y nasa ‘yo sinta
At dahil kailangan ka sa buhay ko
Kahit na hindi tayo

Of course, needing someone in your life just because you love them may be a dangerous feeling. After all, you can’t force people to stay just because you want them to. Also, it may just prolong the emotional torture of not being loved by the one you adore. Their presence may suffice, yes, but how long could you settle for that?

Nevertheless, Color The Era’s “Kahit Na Hindi Tayo” talks about a situation that a lot of people could probably relate to. With the raw and engrossing emotions in the track, it’s somehow a musical diary of a person who, in the end, just wants to feel loved.

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