Somehow, we’ll find ourselves at crossroads, wondering. And Kahit by PusaKalye captures the uncertainty of letting go and moving on from a love we’ve always treasured.

Moving on has always been painful. Always. Especially when you kept thinking about the what-ifs. That uncertainty lingers on so long it kills you. And with PusaKalye’s latest single, ‘Kahit’, you’d just find yourself thinking back. Did you make the right decision? Should you have fought for it? Was leaving really the best option for both of you?

PusaKalye, a six-piece melo-poetic pop-rock band has been one of the prominent acts in the local music scene. Known for their songs, ‘Kapit Pa‘, ‘Kuwento Ng Pag-ibig‘, at ‘Kulimlim’, they’ve been banking on heartbreaking love songs that touch the soul. Their nostalgic tunes, stemming from classic 90’s OPM, takes us back to reminiscing good music with a dash of contemporary elements at the same time.

Founded by Lester Binoya on bass, PusaKalye comprises of AG Cawili on rhythm guitars, Ian Mante on lead guitars and Almond Mendoza on keys. Later on, their sound got complete with the addition of their vocalist, Oli Tayo, and drummer, Ace Perez.


One thing’s for sure, Pusakalye’s latest single is agonizing. Excruciating and wretched, it encapsulates the true emotions one feels when moving on. There’s this itching thought at the back of your mind asking what could have happened if you stayed. And even as you convince yourself to move on and finally let go, you know that you’ll still be waiting. Even if it hurts.

Aking tugon ay yakapin muli kahit minsan lang

Kahit malayo ayokong isuko ang pag-ibig natin

Kahit hindi na sa akin ang iyong mga kamay

Kahit mapagod ang puso’y handang maghintay

Some people think moving on is easy. But in reality, it’s not. Even though we weren’t in a relationship or experiencing any heartbreaks lately, listening to ‘Kahit’ has been painful enough. You just don’t move on that easy. Because if you truly love some, if you truly treasure them, then it would be hard letting go and moving away from everything. And sometimes, yes, it’s true, we all think of going back to the good old days. Because love might be painful as it dies, but it has its beauty that we all love. And yes, we’d want one last kiss or one last hug, any time of the day.

So if you still haven’t listened to this sorrowful paragon of moving on, then you better do. ‘Kahit’ by PusaKalye is now out on Spotify!

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