LATEST DROP: Just Say It MV by Better Days

Better Days just released the official music video for ‘Just Say It’, and it’s all the amount of good vibes that we need for the day!

Do you ever feel so ready to do everything for the person you love but you’re just waiting for them to say yes? We might have found the perfect song for you! ‘Just Say It’ by Better Days truly encapsulates those happy crush feels and makes us hope in love again! What more, the official music video is even better! Check it out!

Better Days

The boys of Better Days have undoubtedly become the crown favorite in each gig the played at, but we think it’s only because of the quality in the music they present. Just last year, they released their latest EP called ‘Nararamdaman’ and it didn’t fail to put us into the right emotions! Not many of us might know this, but the band actually started out as a back-up band for Alexa Ilacad’s sophomore album and then, later on, progressed to becoming a stand-alone. Although relatively new to the scene (it was formed in 2017), the band has a lot of promise to show, and we couldn’t wait for their next songs!

Better Days consists of Daniel Paringit (Vocals/Guitars), Rosner Mabuti (Keyboardist/Backing vocals), Gelo Cabigon (Bass), and G2 Ventura (Drums).

Just Say It

‘Just Say It’ is one of those songs that won’t make your heart heavy with emotions, but it sure can make you feel giddy! Presented in a young and refreshing perspective, it will surely cleanse your palette from all the emo songs you’ve been listening to. The weather might be cold, but who said our hearts have to be, too?

The song encapsulates the happy feeling of hoping the person you like would finally give you her sweet, sweet “Yes!”. It talks about love but does not present it in a dark and hurting manner. This is why we think that the song is perfect for just taking love lightly. In the music video, a guy falls in love with a girl and he does everything to make the girl say yes. The MV also features clips of the band playing the song, and even they had a very chill and light aura. Smiles everywhere, and we like that they didn’t have to cast absurdly good looking actors to make us feel the “kilig”. With its catchy tunes, it truly brings us back to our younger selves again.

You can also listen to ‘Just Say It’ on Spotify!

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