The band behind the OPM hit ‘Buwan’ has returned from quarantine to bless our ears with quality music.

Following the release of their debut studio album, ‘Diwa‘, and their well-received collaboration with hip-hop icon gloc-9 called ‘Sampaguita,’ juan karlos has come forth to bring new music.

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On July 24, 2020 (Friday), the four-piece collective is set to drop their latest single, ‘BLESS Ü‘ via Island Records Philippines. A pop-R&B track, it seeks to ease our collective worries and fears while uplifting our spirits in the face of the still unresolved pandemic in the country.

On the brand-new single, frontman JK Labajo shares, “The song, or at least the idea of it, was already made prior to the lockdown. Basically, it was just on standby. But when the pandemic happened, all gigs were cancelled.”

“We thought it’d be a good idea to record something different from the music people are already familiar with from us.”

The creation of “BLESS Ü” was not spared from the hardships and limitations brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic. JK shared that not all of their band members had their own setup, so recording from their respective places during lockdown was not an option. They only got to complete the song once the lockdown was lifted.

Known for their songs that tackle social issues and other touchy subjects, BLESS Ü will be the band’s offering to everyone going through the same tough mental situation. “I’ve experienced depression and anxiety… and it’s really frustrating, the
feeling of being down all the time,” JK shares.

More than morale boost, juan karlos will also donate part of the revenue streams of “BLESS Ü” to COVID-19 relief efforts. They will also hold a special online fundraising concert to support our countrymen and connect with fans virtually.

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*Details and photos provided by our partner through a press release.

How are you dealing with the pandemic?

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