Feeling cold? Johnoy Danao’s 3-track EP is sure to warm you up (or make you cry). It’s out on Spotify now!

We can finally feel the rainy season set in. In addition to wet shoes, warm coffee, and the soft patter of raindrops on your windowpane, we have one more thing you should add to your cuddle weather starter pack! Johnoy Danao’s ‘Troubadour Tales Chapter 2’ is a 3-track EP that is sure to warm you up from within and accompany you through the cold.

Johnoy Danao in Troubadour Tales Chapter 2

We have loved Johnoy Danao as a solo artist, but did you know that he started off as a frontman for a band called Bridge? This was from the year 2000 to 2004, although he debuted as a solo artist after the band decided to part ways. Don’t worry, we didn’t know, too! But it always pays to get to know the creator of the songs we’ll soon fall in love with. Johnoy started playing gigs on his own and did song covers until eventually, he started creating his own music. If you ask me, Johnoy’s music is the type that you’d want to listen to on a lazy day. Easy and mellow, but still painstakingly smooth. Can’t beat that, can we?

In addition to this, Johnoy writes his songs from experience and his life’s narrative. We think that’s what makes his songs so good. He has mastered his sound so well that he could make you feel emotions like you’re experiencing the song yourself. His outstanding songwriting paired with his throaty yet still smooth vocals makes for a perfect song.

If you’re wondering what a “troubadour” is, it means a poet who writes a verse to music. Johnoy can be referred to as one. Troubadour Tales is, fittingly, a story of Johnoy’s life and experiences. Its first chapter was released in early 2019, with the succeeding “chapters” slated throughout the year. He just released the second chapter, and in a Facebook post, Johnoy described this song as the perfect”sopas weather sound trip.”

Do It All

Have you ever had someone you could consider your constant? ‘Do It All’ is a song in collaboration with Clara Benin, and it warms the soul up. The world can sometimes seem so wrong until you realize that you have someone who never leaves you. Everything could fade away but they won’t. And no matter how unsure you are of the future, everything seems worth it. For that someone, you’d do it all! Somehow, that’s enough to bring you peace. So as this song does! With only a guitar to accompany the singers, the song is very mellow and intimate sounding, making it perfect for the rainy weather.

This being said, it’s undeniable that Clara’s addition was vital to the overall feel of the song. The lyrics also would speak to you in ways that would make your heart warm and think about your someone.

In a world full of wrong

You’re the one thing I know that’s true

And that’s how I knew

If the end of the road is a fate yet untold

Still I’d do it all for you

I’d do it all for you


Perhaps the one thing that would hurt more than a loved one leaving is never having the chance to say goodbye. This second song talks about missing a loved one that has left. But it is also about acceptance and letting their love guide you even when they are gone and realizing that the only reason it hurts so much is that the love you had was true. ‘Goodbye’ is a sad song to listen to but it takes on a much more inspirational tune. With this, the song drives your emotions from longing to acceptance.

Longing for my time with you

Is the price to pay for something so true

You love me and I loved you

I still do, I still do

In his Facebook page, Johnoy revealed that this song is actually an ode for “Chuchot” whom he lost over four years ago without a warning.

Harbour Bridge

This song takes on a much more melancholic tune. I guess you can say it’s the type of song that would make you stare out of your window and be all sentimental! ‘Harbour Bridge’ talks about how gloomy it feels to be away from the person you love, and it does so in a very vivid description that would surely make for sad imagery. We can say it’s effective when it can make you feel how it wants you to feel, and that is too long for someone even if you’re not really longing for them in the first place.

The days are long, the nights drag on

And you no longer know 

how to sleep on your own

Ninety nights can feel like ninety-two

That’s how it feels

To be away from you

All these songs are very personal reflections of how Johnoy thinks and the things he’s been experiencing. It is always an honor to listen to an artist’s songs and have a peek into their hearts. Art is always a part of the artist that he chooses to share with the world. This being said, we’re glad we got to listen to Johnoy’s songs, and we recommend that you do, too! We promise you won’t regret it. You can stream ‘Troubadour Tales Chapter 2’ on Spotify now!

These songs are undeniably perfect for the rainy season, and any season you can think of if you’re up for just chilling. What did you think about Troubadour Tales Chapter 2? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.