A bit late but I can’t help it! I just really need to talk to you guys about the Jealousy MV by St. Wolf!

The Jealousy MV by St. Wolf was uploaded and was up for everyone to enjoy early this month. The four-piece band never fails in making my heart beat fast through their music and angas factor!

This music video surely is sizzling. And if you haven’t had the chance to watch it, then do so now!

Wow at swabecore!

St. Wolf

St. Wolf is composed of members KL Dela Cruz (vocals), Vince Lucero (guitars), Karlo Maglasang (bass), and Bob Sadural (drums).

A banger and oozing with sexiness. That’s what came to mind when I first knew of St. Wolf when I got to watch them in one of their gigs.

Their band name “St. Wolf” came from the idea that there will always be two sides in a person. The good (saint) and the bad (wolf) that creates the balance. This band that started out back in 2015 is composed of music filled with heavy instruments and smooth sailing suaveness.

The Jealousy MV

This MV really screams swabecore, huh? And kudos to the very talented twins who showcased their talent in dancing! They made dancing with heavy instrumentals seem easy because they were that flawless!

The setting screams gothic to me. Not to mention, the idea that resonates from the MV is amazing! The Jealousy MV, from my perspective, speaks of the insecurities that the lady in the white dress was feeling. Because of this, she was haunted by her jealousy of the lady in the black dress which she had formed in her mind.

At first, the lady in black was the only one giving her all through dance. But after taunting the lady in the white dress, she finally expressed herself as well by dancing to the music.

The angst can definitely be seen in the music video! Cos really, who doesn’t hate jealousy, right? And I must say, members of St. Wolf looks extra hot in this MV! *Wink wink*

Be LSS to this song like I am now!

Did you find the Jealousy MV by St. Wolf sexy? Were you able to feel the angst? Any thoughts? Comments? I’m up for it! Start typing in the comment section below or feel free to send a message on our  Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.