Reese Lansangan’s Jealousy Is A Familiar Friend official music video seems like it’s straight from a vintage film and everyone’s loving it.

Chanelling her inner vintage babe, Reese Lansangan goes all out with a retro vibe in the official music video of her newest track. No wonder ‘Jealousy Is a Familiar Friend‘ is everyone’s new favorite.

Reese Lansangan doesn’t disappoint in her music. Be it either the song or the music video. And it definitely shows. Ever since she became an icon in the local music industry, Reese showed tremendous improvement. Every single song she releases, there’s something new. At the same time, the music videos accompanying it is a visual treat.

Jealousy Is A Familiar Friend

Reese, together with GeloYellow, directed the whole music video. And boy, oh boy, it’s nothing but a vintage masterpiece. The vintage clothes, neon lights, and sparkly makeup, we’re all digging that. Like ‘Stranger Things‘ meets ‘Riverdale‘, it features Reese singing her new track in a hole-in-a-wall diner. Donning a cute vintage waitress outfit, she easily charms everyone while doing her thing. Not to mention, Argee Guerero of I Belong To The Zoo and Shaira Luna made a cameo appearance in the music video too.

The story isn’t dark or heavy at all. It follows the light and upbeat energy of the song, treading lightly on a story that everyone can relate to. It shows off a girl whose crush ditches her on a school dance despite all their bonding and connection. Sounds familiar, right? Because at one point in our life, we’ve been that girl. The green-eyed monster called jealousy creeps up on you but Reese reminds you that everything will be alright. And there’s more to life than love. Because just like a photograph and the whole vintage feel of the music video, it will all be in the past. Just a memory that you’ll reminisce and laugh about some time in the future.

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