With ‘Jealousy Is A Familiar Friend’ by Reese Lansangan, our jealousy finds a way to seem valid despite everything else.

In relationships, jealousy is treated with some kind of vendetta. But being jealous after a breakup is another thing. And our favorite pop-folk singer-songwriter Reese Lansangan justifies that it’s okay to feel that way.

Reese Lansangan has been one of the trailblazers of the local indie scene. After gaining recognition for her talents in music, she’s bringing her music to international shores in the past few months. Aside from her soothing voice, her songwriting goes beyond the norm. She writes about the raw emotions of people on love that some don’t dare write about. Her creativity and wit set her apart from others, not only in terms of her music but also in art.

In her newest single, ‘Jealousy is a Familiar Friend,’ Reese plays a bit with her sound. It’s textured with pop overtones and polyphonic tunes that go well. It’s much more upbeat than her usual songs. It gives off buzzing energy that gradually increases from the start up until the very last note. The evident bass lines add extra texture and flair to the song. At the same time, the staccato of the guitars and the acoustics perfect the formula. It wasn’t overkilled. The instrumental arrangement was well thought off and was in the right places.

Jealousy is a Familiar Friend

We’ve probably had our fair share of jealousy in relationships. But somehow after learning that your ex has found someone new, there will always be a fit of lingering jealousy in the back of your mind. And Reese Lansangan perfectly explained why we feel that way.

Not because we want them back. But because it hurts our ego. It might sting for a bit but it’s the truth. It’s not our self-esteem talking. We know our worth or something like that. But seeing them finding someone new that fast just irks us to the bones. And Reese says that pretty normal. Just a bad case of wanting something that you can’t have. And all we can do is shrug it off because eventually, that jealousy will fade and you’ll be confident to say that you’re over that person.

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