‘Come Inside Of My Heart’ by IV of Spades has a newly-released music video and it’s literally a visual adventure!

There’s no doubt that IV of Spades has been releasing a lot of good music recently. With their debut full-length studio album ‘CLAPCLAPCLAP!‘, the trio has been proving the music scene that they could do just fine – even with the departure of their original vocalist, Unique Salonga.

Now, 8 months after the release of the album, the music video for ‘Come Inside Of My Heart’ was released. Watch it here.

Go on a road trip with the pop funk band

To be honest, we have seen a lot of fans comment how IV of Spades just seem to be lacking without Unique. However, the trio proves otherwise. One member has left, but it always doesn’t mean doom for the ones left behind.

With Zild Benitez now bassist and lead vocalist, Blaster Silonga remaining on lead guitar and Badjao de Castro on drums, the band is still flourishing enough. Moreover, they’ve proven their flexibility AND talent in this music video where we can also see Blaster singing.

IV of Spades' Blaster Silonga in Come Inside Of My Heart MV

The video was created in collaboration with Two Fold Media to pull-off an engaging road trip adventure. The concept is very simple, but it kept us hooked all throughout the video. It was very adorable that they even included their fur buddies in the music video too!

We also really liked the trippy ending where they entered some really bright place and apparently got sucked up into space. It was a visual feast and it just seemed like we were floating in colorful places with them.

Moreover, the song is just really good. Plus, we think their sound was loosely inspired by Tame Impala’s well-known single, ‘The Less I Know The Better’. Ever since ‘Ilaw sa Daan’ and ‘Hey Barbara’, the band just kept feeding us with quality OPM songs. We just keep bobbing our heads while listening to it!

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