The music video of Isolation by Written By The Stars paints a dark yet vivid picture of how love, sometimes, takes a dark turn.

If you had a chance to turn back time, would you change your mind? With the music video of ‘Isolation’ by Written By The Stars, we’re asked the real questions about love.

Indeed, the post-emo rock band climbed their way to the top. From being just a Mayday Parade cover band to being a well-regarded one. Despite their music showing similarities from their influences, their own music flair sets it apart from it. And for the past few months, they’ve shown how they’ve grown as a post-emo rock outfit in today’s music scene.

A tragic end for a relationship

Despite its title, ‘Isolation’ boasts itself for being a Tagalog song through and through. It has the elements of your typical post-emo song but has alternative rock overtones sweetly dripping everywhere. The fusion of these textures somehow makes it distinctive in the mainstream palette. There’s this certain familiarity to its sound, especially if you’ve listened to Mayday Parade, All Time Low and the likes. But they’ve made it their own with the addition of their own flair and glamour.

The visuals of the music video do resemble the dark and brooding emo of those international bands. It shows how the breakup of the couple led to the guy’s imminent death. It doesn’t really match the lyrics. Since the song talks about how one person sees the other falling out of love. And all they can do is watch that sinking ship completely be devoured. Which is a far cry from the music video itself.

The music video shows a couple breaking up after a failed proposal. And despite how happy they’ve been, taking it to the next level didn’t pursue. After the rejection of the girl. But what about to come next will surprise you. Because the guy dies due to a car accident. And next thing you know is the girl weeping her heart out because of the tragedy.

For some, they’ll probably take those happenings seriously. But it can mean the death of a love story. True, we reject and endure rejections ourselves. But sometimes, we regret the decisions we made. All because our fear of a serious commitment gets in the way. Then, after that regret seeps in until there’s nothing you can do about it.

We’ve seen a lot of love songs come to life. But ‘Isolation’ only breaks our heart with the inevitable tragedy because of falling out of love. Check out ‘Isolation’ by Written By The Stars on Spotify!

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