Reese Lansangan is giving us treat after treat before the year ends… And now, blessing us this holiday season is the beautiful Islands MV by Reese Lansangan!

First, we had ‘The Chase’, then ‘Islands’ was released. Thought this gorgeous talented lady is done making us swoon with her music? Nope! Because Islands MV by Reese Lansangan dropped like a bomb just yesterday!

‘Islands’ by Reese Lansangan is the anthem of all marurupoks out there who has no self-control. Oops! Not hatin’, trust me, I get it! There are times that you’ve been stuck in a limbo for so long you lose yourself along the way. And when you’ve finally been slapped by the hard truth that you’re not getting what you deserve, you decide to let go.

But geez! It’s just so damn hard, isn’t it? Your mind knows it’s the right thing to do so you cut them off and stay away. But as soon as they pop up again, you’re back to square one. Ahhh, the agony. Knowing you don’t have the strength to let go so you just wish that they’d cut you off instead.

*Sigh…* Anyway, haven’t seen this very beautiful ‘Islands’ MV by Reese Lansangan yet? Go watch it now right here and be in awe like me!

That aesthetic tho, gosh! Hella heart eyes over this MV!

The Music Video

‘Islands’ was released just November 25. Less than 3 weeks later, Reese Lansangan shakes the OPM world with its music video released yesterday, December 10.

Everyone is going crazy in the Twitterverse because of this MV. And I’m totally not blaming ya. The aesthetic and the creativeness in this music video is just wow!

As you can see, the setup of the MV is as if they have an island of their own. An island that they’ve created.

Saying goodbye to the islands that we named
Oh the ocean is calling my name
Bye to the earth that we have claimed
Oh the ocean is calling my name

That setting resonates in the lyrics above. As if Reese is finally acknowledging the island that they have created for themselves is fake. Now, she needs to find the strength to walk away because the ocean is calling her. The ocean, the reality—calling her to finally leave what is not real.

If you’ve noticed, there was a short moment wherein Reese and the guy were both holding ropes. Reese was trying to untangle it while the guy keeps on knotting it. There’s also a scene in which the guy keeps on pouring the water even though its full. This can be interpreted in a way that Reese keeps on fixing and adjusting everything while the guy keeps on creating chaos and complications for her.

Just like the two goldfish, there really should be a barrier to separate them. This MV is not just visually pleasing and could knock you breathless with its aesthetic. But its full of meaning in its entirety.

Easter egg

And it just keeps on getting better! If you adore Reese Lansangan and is following her music, of course, you know her song ‘The Chase’. It’s the single that shookt everyone due to the EDM genre and sexiness that it gave.

It was only released last month, but what is this that we saw in the ‘Islands’ MV?

Yes, everyone! It’s the lyrics from ‘The Chase’! Does this mean the music video is coming out real soon? Fingers crossed!

Lovin’ the ‘Islands’ MV by Reese Lansangan just as much as I do? Then you better stream it on Spotify now!

Aesthetic and in-depth! That’s the Islands MV by Reese Lansangan. What do you think of this music video? Share it to us in the comment section below. You can also message us on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to know what you think of this one!