When you’re doing your best to obviate but you still find yourself going back… what do you do? You beg the other person to do the staying away part. Islands by Reese Lansangan is pretty much the anthem for that.

Yesterday, November 25, Islands by Reese Lansangan was released. It is kind of like R. Kelly’s “My mind’s telling me ‘no’ but my body’s telling me ‘yes'” except in the concept of moving on!

“Will you block me?” It’s tough when you want to move on from someone but your mind just won’t let you. That’s why you wish they’d just avoid you instead because you just can’t seem to find the strength to do so. Right? Right? We know! That’s why we are so digging Reese Lansangan’s new single!

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Another one

Reese Lansangan, a 27-year-old talented singer-songwriter, has recently graced us with the single ‘The Chase‘ that talks about chasing the wrong people and it no doubt hit us right in the feels (for us who are hopia). Yesterday, she blessed the OPM scene with her new release entitled ‘Islands’ that we somewhat consider a sequel of the former song.


I want to hold you but my body’s moving away
Gotta let you go oh…
But when I do my mind just keeps on finding a way to you again
Self-control won’t help me so don’t come running back

The song tackles finally deciding to move on from a certain someone. A certain someone that for a while made you feel amazing but apparently had no intentions in staying or whatsoever (Dodge! It might hit ya).

Although it might seem like its a liberating idea to finally tell yourself “Okay self, you’ve had enough. It’s time to let go” and burn all the memories you’ve made—with this decision comes struggles because, at the end of the day, you don’t get to just snap your fingers and poof be over it! There will be crying, drinking, and more drinking (Kidding. But where are these things coming from? lol), fighting off urges to text him/her that you miss them, and of course, relapsing.

Sometimes you give in to the pestering compulsion to reconnect with the douc… we mean person! This sometimes leads us to tell the other person “You know what, you should probably do the staying away part” cause obviously you’re not very good at it. And that’s okay! We’ve all been there! Right? Agree with us! Kidding. But really.

For as long as you don’t lose your way entirely, relapses and mistakes are acceptable. The process of moving on is a rollercoaster ride, you’ll go up and down, you’ll scream and cry (maybe throw up a bit), but at the end of it, you get to really say “I’m alive and I’m over it. Bye”.

Yeah? Yeah? Listen to ‘Island’ by Reese Lansangan now cos you need it! Lol.

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