A new anthem to help us deal with the uncertainty of the times.

As the pandemic crisis currently sweeping the world, we cannot escape the fact that this kind of situation instantly changed our lives and left us with little time to mourn and move forward. Basically, to cope up everyday with our emotional troubles, we run to binge watching, reading books, giving our best to lend a hand and of course, listening to music.

With the being said, many of our local artists spent their time together in online fundraising for Covid-19 relief efforts. Little did we know, others have almost eaten up by anxiety yet still managed to pulled out a song that uplifts everyone in this kind of season. One of them is Rico Blanco who returned after his four-year hiatus in making songs.

To tell you, he’s no stranger with difficulties of living alone during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In fact, he took a lot longer than usual for him to finish his new release. But still he succeeded in repurposing music’s role in our lives, ‘This Too Shall Pass’ carries the resilience of the human
spirit and the genuineness of a song.

“My efforts are little in light of a pandemic like this. As big as my imagination is for this song, I also feel that it’s not enough. But it’s what I can
do and contribute as a musician. Some songs are anchored on truth, but they are wrapped and adorned in a lot of romanticized thoughts. It’s something that I really want to tell every single person. I wrote this song as my way to reach out.” shared by Rico Blanco.

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cooked up a new song while in quarantine. click the link in my profile to hear it. #ThisTooShallPass https://lnk.to/RB-ThisTooShallPass

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Supervised by himself, Rico Blanco definitely let his heart speak with the sound of sonic elements and defies convention of hip-hop beats, Asian riffs, Afro chaning, and Pinoy fiesta in a seamless genre-bending. It was not just patterned with honest verses but also aims to give light and love for everyone. It is definitely a go-to when you feel lonely and helpless in this troubling times.

Released under Sony Music, Rico Blanco’s latest release is so relevant to the times that it becomes a declaration, a prayer, his ode to the light of the human spirit.

“Music is important – we all know this. But never more so than when we are faced with uncertainty, because it is then that the power of music
becomes unquantifiable, almost limitless. Music can make you feel you’re not alone. Music can save you from despair.” Blanco added.

‘This Too Shall Pass’ is available on various digital and streaming platforms worldwide via Sony Music Philippines! Don’t forget to share it to everyone you love and pass the light on!

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