A modernized lullaby with a catchy hook. Ili (Hush) Music Video is filled with contemporary dancing and all Instagram themes and aesthetic that you can think of.

Ready for an unusual mix of music, lyrics, and aesthetic? Then read on as we talk about the Ili (Hush) Music Video by Bea Lorenzo!

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The Artist

Bea Lorenzo started in the OPM scene back in 2017. She was doing covers then eventually created her own songs. Aside from her beautiful voice, she’s known for using an unconventional instrument when performing which is the kalimba. 

Kalimba is a lamellaphone idiophone African instrument. The body is hollow and there are thin metal plates attached to it that when plucked, creates awesome music! The interesting instrument falls under the music box family.

But in her other covers, she uses other instruments too such as guitars, keyboards, and ukuleles.

Here’s is one of her covers with Kalimba her accompaniment:

Ili (Hush) MV

There are two roads, but you’ll never lose your way with those eyes
There are two sides, but the beauty lies in between

‘Ili (Hush)’ is an experimental song by Bea Lorenzo. The song was born in Elements Music Camp 2018. It is a transformed version of the well-known Ilonggo lullaby ‘Ili Ili Tulog Anay” accompanied by chromatic kalimba and other electronic instruments. The lyrics talk of understanding people’s different viewpoints and choosing our battles. The music production is outstanding because the mix of the traditional instrument and modern instruments creates such amazing sound.

‘Ili (Hush)’ music video was directed by Simon Te and produced by Bea herself. The talented team was able to create an entire concept that fits the vibe of the music like a glove because it has a hint of modern and cultural. There was also a combination of graceful movements and aesthetically pleasing settings which created whimsical vibe to the whole video. All and all, the music video was very amusing and the song itself is “add to playlist” worthy and is a gift to the OPM industry. Kudos to everyone who was part of its creation!

If you wish to listen to the song on Spotify, here yah go!

Amazing right? You’re welcome. 😉

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