Sam Concepcion just released an acoustic rendition to Sarah Geronimo’s ‘Ikot-Ikot’, and it’s literally making us spin around!

We all know ‘Ikot-Ikot’. Who wouldn’t, right? It’s Sarah G, you guys! And just when we thought the song couldn’t get any better, here comes Sam Concepcion with an acoustic version, and honestly, it’s not half bad!


Ikot- Ikot

‘Ikot- Ikot’ was a hit song back in 2013 which was written by Thyro Alfaro. Sarah G’s version of ‘Ikot-Ikot’ is unforgettable, of course. I think we all danced to this song, and don’t even deny it!


After 6 years, Sam Concepcion’s most anticipated remake is out! I’m not going to say that this is better than the original because that would be a disrespect to the queen, but this is on par! Although Sarah has clearly made a name for being a total performer, Sam’s performance in this song and also the music video is also exceptional.

He’s still got the moves…

The music video is pretty straightforward. It shows Sam Concepcion dancing to the music in the streets of Manila, and frankly, it’s pretty nostalgic to me. The last time I saw Sam in person was in 2011 in a leadership conference, and he still dances the same even now! Literally, nothing changed. If I dance like that now, I fear that my back would crack (lol!)

And people love it! As of writing, the video has already clocked in a number of 41,000 views from the day it was uploaded. Understandable, because what’s there not to love?

What is ‘Ikot-Ikot’ about?

Sam’s rendition stayed true and fitting to the song’s message. ‘Ikot-Ikot’ talks about love and compares it to a road where you just go on an endless roundabout, which can get tiring. Also, have you experienced trying to leave someone but then you just keep on coming back to them? Yup, that’s it. And what better way to present that emotion than in a slower, acoustic form?

Ilang ulit nagkasakitan
Ngunit paulit na gumagaling
Ilang ulit balak na iwan
Ngunit patuloy na bumabalik

So if I were you, I’d stream it now!

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