The narrative started out really simple, yet Paraluman’s ‘Ikaw at Ako’ music video surprisingly ends with a painful attack.

Why is OPM filled with songs that attack and hurt recently? Mapanakit! But also, when will we ever tire of talking about love and its many hurtful – but at the same time, beautiful – intricacies? Just last September, we have listened to ‘Ikaw at Ako’ by Paraluman and we loved it. Now that a music video for the song came out, we are taken back to its simple yet painful story about a relationship.

Watch the music video for Paraluman’s ‘Ikaw at Ako’ below.

We were really not expecting that twist at the end of it! Honestly, it’s a really painful revelation.

The painful process of moving on

We all know that many relationships often end in breakup. That is why people are often feel uncertainty when it comes to loving another person. Listening to ‘Ikaw at Ako’, we understood more about how people often felt devastated after a relationship ends.

As we can see in the music video, everything that the main character think happened in their relationship was just an imagination. Moreover, as a brief background for the song explains, “one has to wonder what the writer had to go through to be able to compose such a sad piece of poetry, with one practically trying to bend reality to have the other forget about the past.”

Read the lyrics for the last part of the song, where we learn that a third party was actually involved:

Dahil sa aking pag gising kakalimutan ang lahat
Di na kayang pulutin pirasong nagkalat
Kamay mo ay bibitawan isasara ang aklat
Ang kwento ng ikaw at ako
Kayo ang sumulat
Kayo ang sumulat

Clearly, the music video effectively shows the message that the song wants to deliver. We felt attacked, hurt, and even vulnerable by the end of it. Because WTF, how can loving someone turn out to be bad? Admittedly, we have noticed a few flaws of the video, but it was amazing nonetheless.

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