A slow-burning pop ballad, ‘Ikaw At Ako’ by Paraluman grapples a betrayed love story that could have not ended so badly.

One of the most impressive things about OPM bands is how they are able to spice up a song with ambiguity. We’ve heard countless love songs that depicts a failed romance. And most of them completely destroys you with its straightforwardness in serving the painful story. But ‘Ikaw at Ako’ by Paraluman wraps it up in ambiguity. Keeps you reeled in with a mellow and romantic tune before it sucker punches the lights out of you with its painful lyrics.

Paraluman has been one of the staple bands in the OPM scene. Growing up, their songs became part of our childhood back in the early 2000s. And up until now, they continue to bring us fresh new materials, resonating to every people of different walks of life. And as they continue a new era, they keep on finding ways to be the voice of the people. A voice that they can relate to, not matter what it is about in life.

And their newest single, ‘Ikaw at Ako’ does it for them. It doesn’t have many strong percussions. But it works well to the advantage of the song. The ethereal vocals work wonders, giving an airy effect to the song.

A frizzled, thin ray of hope

According to the band, ‘Ikaw at Ako’ is an anthem for those who have lost all hope. As much as we’d like to think that it’s an ode to a flourishing relationship, it isn’t though. The title might suggest a bit of positivity. However, as you listen to the song, you’d find yourself wallowing in your own pain.

It talks about how you start a relationship with the person you love. How you want to write your love story together. But despite the strong emotions, it doesn’t end well. And by the time you knew it, you’re just a bystander, watching them continue the story that was supposed to be yours with the person you love.

And that alone, speaks volumes about how Paraluman knows how to make us tick. Be sure to support and stream ‘Ikaw at Ako’ by Paraluman on Spotify!

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