Your favorite Cebuana Karencitta goes hip-hop once more as she nonchalantly drops her latest single, ‘IDK’. Piste, ambot lang, y’all!

If you wanna get it with Karencitta, then you gotta get it with ‘IDK’! Her newest single ‘IDK’ shows off her fully hip-hop side. From the vocals, visuals, and sound. Just goes to show how versatile she can be as a proud Cebuana artist!

This isn’t Karencitta’s first ride with hip-hop. She had Cebuana, her earliest hit song that rattled everyone with rad hip-hop tunes. Not to mention, she had a collab with international hiphop artists Muéstrame and Sha Sha Jones too. Which, by the way, only proves that her talents are global! But seriously speaking, she’s one of the few local artists that found their way to the international audience.

Lackadaisical hiphop anthem

Karencitta blows us away with ‘IDK’. This track screams detached and effortless she can be. Either it’s dealing with personal or professional stuff. It ain’t her complaining. It’s just like Karencitta being herself. Saying all her thoughts about whatever everyone’s throwing at her. Well, her thoughts about it? She just doesn’t care.

‘IDK’ doesn’t appeal as a rude reply to anybody. But it’s about showing who’s the boss of your life. And that’s you. It isn’t about disregarding or ignoring what people say about you. But it’s about owning it and living your life to how you want it. Of course, without stepping on anybody.

There’s a whole lot of negativity in life. And ‘IDK’ by Karencitta plays as our “I’m-tired-of-the-bullshit” anthem for everyone who’s trying to bring you down. We might not catch every Cebuano lines here and there but yeah, “piste, ambot lang”. Definitely a bop for everybody out there.

‘IDK’ by Karencitta isn’t out yet on Spotify. But you can definitely listen to it on Youtube!

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