Digging from their old playlist? Well, you can fall in love again with this song as they released ‘Steps’ under O/C Records!

You might heard this song last year, but the up-and-coming alternative rock band, are now putting their best foot forward as ‘Steps’ has just released as their second song under OC Records. Kicking off with cherry melodies, this track from the four-pieced band totally gave us that ‘Kilig’  feeling every time our special someone sweetly stay close to us.

But if you dive a little bit deeper, this song really conveys about the imaginary blissful moment that one can always think of when there’s distance between their loved ones.  It’s like treating that person as their home and they will be always feel homesick when that person is not around. Bet that missing someone is really hard when you’re genuinely head over heels for someone!

Relate much? If you haven’t listen to it yet, you can check it out below!

Hearing their fresh new elements, Garage Morning releases this track as another installment for their upcoming EP! Yes, you have heard it right. Probably, this band is gearing up for more releases this year!

We might have seen them performing in some indie scene in the past but now, you can expect them for more shows in the Metro.

Comprised with Nik Bustamante (lead guitar and vocals), Francis Del Rosario (drums), Marj Rojas (rhythm guitar and vocals) and Roy Eriga on bass and vocals, this band will definitely take more steps towards their love for music. With their smooth guitar riffs and relatable lyrics, Garage Morning will left us nothing but with a radiated and fueled heart.

To tell you, they will just keep us wondering what new stuff we would hear from them in the future! In the meantime, we can support them by sharing this track and checking it out on Spotify too!

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