Sometimes life gets us down, but getting back up is what truly matters. ‘I Rose Up Slowly’ EP by Clara Benin will give you hope to get back up after every downfall.

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‘I Rose Up Slowly’ EP by Clara Benin is a beautiful collection of songs that give us a deeper look into the inner-workings of the artist herself. This is her newest EP after her most recent single ‘Parallel Universe’. Her other works also include her albums ‘Human Eyes’ and ‘Riverchild’. Released just last October 11, the EP tells the story of love, loss, and eventually hope. She even shared on her official Facebook page that this is the “most personal and vulnerable record” she has ever put out. And hopes that it would bring fans “hope and strength.”

I know it’s darkest before the dawn, but how long till I see the sun?

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Our personal favorites from this EP are ‘Tightrope’ and ‘Wrestle’. Did you know that Clara Benin actually released ‘Wrestle’ as a single last year in 2018? But it just feels so right at home in her new EP. When she sang:

I will wrestle angels for heaven’s sake
And I won’t settle until I know my name

We just absolutely felt that. ‘Wrestle’ is a song that tells the story of finding oneself. Of “wrestling” with your inner demons of accepting some parts of you that you can’t seem to change. Of finding peace with your victories and losses. And laying claim to being happy where you are.

Check out the full list of songs in the ‘I Rise Up Slowly’ EP by Clara Benin:

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Make sure to give ‘I Rose Up Slowly’ EP by Clara Benin some love and stream it on Spotify! There’s just something to say about how this collection of songs just fits so well with each other. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that this EP is just basically #ClaraBeninUnfiltered. There’s a certain magic when artists pour out a part of their soul into their songs. But hey, that’s our thoughts on it.

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