‘I Love You Sabay Bawi’ by MNTKLYA is a song about a love that suddenly vanishes and pretty much explains why a lot of us have trust issues.

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If you’re like me that looks for new heartbreak songs to add to my songs-to-cry-to-playlist then MNTKLYA has got one tear-jerker for you!  Have you ever been in love with someone and thought everything was okay until one day they just up and leave you? No explanations, no tearful separation, nothing. And so that person just leaves, leaving you nothing but heartbreak and trust issues. Enter: ‘I Love You Sabay Bawi’ by MNTKLYA! They have been performing ‘I Love You Sabay Bawi’ for a while now but have only officially released it on Spotify last October 18. If you want to know more about the band, check out our official interview with them on Music Dive! You can watch it right here:

‘I Love You Sabay Bawi’

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MNTKLYA’s latest official release is a song about heartbreak. But not just any kind of heartbreak. It’s the kind of heartbreak that leaves you scarred and left with nothing but trust issues. ‘I Love You Sabay Bawi’ is a song about a love that just suddenly vanishes. The kind of love that one day smiles at you and tells you they love you. But one day, they just up and leave you. No explanations, nothing. And it just leaves you questioning what did you do wrong. And what happened to the love they claimed to have for you? So if any of those checks your emotional checklist, then listen to ‘I Love You Sabay Bawi’ right here:

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Have yourself a good cry-sesh with ‘I Love You Sabay Bawi’ by MNTKLYA. Supplying you with music your bleeding heart needs. So to all you paasa people out there, listen to the aftermath of what your inscencerity does! And maybe you’ll leave our poor unsuspecting hearts alone!

What do you think of ‘I Love You Sabay Bawi’ by MNTKLYA? Have you ever loved someone that left you with nothing but trust issues? We’d love to hear what you think! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.