LATEST DROP: I Don’t Care by The Ransom Collective

The Ransom Collective just dropped their first single in two years, and we couldn’t help but care so much about it!

The single, called ‘I Don’t Care’ hit the music scene by storm when it was released just a few days ago. The official music video, as of writing, has already gained a number of 11,000 views in ONE DAY. The Ransom Collective’s last release had been in 2017, two years too long, and it seems like the fans couldn’t wait to hear their new song! Check out the official music video for ‘I Don’t Care’ while we’re at it!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1K2aRp05I5E[/embedyt]

Can we talk about the music video? Because we can’t get enough of it! It’s not the type that tells you a story, but it shows the band playing the song. The use of very colorful hues and tints might have given the music video a very happy vibe to it, but also, the clever use of lighting gives you the feel of the song effectively.

The Ransom Collective

The Ransom Collective is an indie-folk band that hails from Manila. If you’re the type of listener who loves indie music, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard their name once or twice. They first rose into popularity in 2014 when they won Wanderband and has since been a staple in most of our playlists since then. They also did collabs with many different brilliant bands not just from the Philippines, but internationally.

The band is made up of Kian Ransom (vocals/guitars), Jermaine Choa Peck (vocals/percussion), Leah Halili (vocals/bass), sisters Lily (keyboards) and Muriel Gonzales (violin), and Redd Claudio (drums).

I Don’t Care

The song is titled as such, but we can’t say we feel the same about the song. How can we not care? TRC made us wait two years for this son, and we can tell you that’s it’s well worth the wait!

The song came to me as the feeling of being done badly so many times that at this point, you begin feeling like you don’t care so you’re not even trying anymore. That’s just the way I heard it, but of course, there can always be different interpretations. The message of the song, all in all, contrasted its upbeat music, but still, it’s a song to groove to! You can stream the song right here!

Were you one of the many who waited for TRC’s next release? What do you think about ‘I Don’t Care’? Let us know what you think on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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