December Avenue has finally released the official music video for their single called ‘Huling Sandali’, and while the song is already painful as it is, they have twisted its meaning to hurt us even more.

We all know how December Avenue has a knack of hurting us with the songs they have been releasing recently. Following the release of ‘Sa Ngalan ng Pag-ibig’, the band has been in an uproar. Both this song and their collaboration with Moira Dela Torre, ‘Kung Di Rin Lang Ikaw‘ have been too much for our fragile hearts! And while pain caused by love and heartbreak is utterly difficult to deal with, December Avenue probably thought it to be getting monotonous. So they gave us something a lot heavier! And when we say a lot, we mean a lot. Here it is!

Huling Sandali

Upon first hearing the song, you would think it’s just another love song. But ‘Huling Sandali‘ is so much more. It awakens the feeling of regret in a love that defied time. The song talks about the feeling of when you still have the love, but timing and circumstances prevent you from pursuing it. Right love, wrong time. And you think just one more chance for a moment with them would be enough.

However, what they did with this music video was amazing! They twisted the meaning of the song into something deeper. Sure, it hurts to long so much for that one last chance with love, but it’s another thing when you’re trying to catch that one last chance, that one last moment from someone’s life. Terminal diseases are not very common, but they still exist. And with diseases come the effect that it has, not only on the patients but also to the people around them.

A day in the life of medical professionals

You’d think that the family and friends are the only people affected when someone gets a terminal disease. But in this video, December Avenue decided to show the situation from a different perspective. While we think they are just doing their jobs, medical professionals are burdened to never be attached to their patients or show emotions of feeling sorry for them, because it might affect their will to fight and live. but for doctors and nurses who get assigned to regular patients, it’s kinda hard not to get emotionally attached to their patients.

For someone who has not been exposed to the medical world, it can be hard to understand why the nurse would need to rush to the hospital when she’s already off duty. But it happens, and when it’s their patient, they need to be there.

And isn’t it just tragic how they ended this MV?! It’s an absolute tear-jerker. Wanting to save the life of the kid, she lost her own. Medical professionals have incomparable compassion, and sometimes even work 24-hour shifts for their patients. It’s a job that requires their time and attention, in which they can’t make a mistake. So much respect.

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