Wish we could turn back time with Huling Sandali by December Avenue. This new single guarantees you crying over an almost-love story that failed but’s still alive after all these years.

Just in time for the upcoming film ‘Tayo Sa Huling Buwan Ng Taon’, December Avenue releases ‘Huling Sandali’, a part of the official soundtrack of the movie. Certainly overflowing with emotions, ‘Huling Sandali’ evokes that sleeping regret of letting go of the person you really loved the most. As emotional as it sounds, the song encapsulates how painful yet hopeful a person can be just to go back in time and change everything in the name of love.

December Avenue is quite notorious for its heartbreaking songs that captures the emotions raw and true. And with Zel’s rich vocals, it haunts our memories that relate to the lyrics. And ‘Huling Sandali’ is no exception. The band made the song especially for the sequel of the 2015 film ‘Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa’. And for those who haven’t seen the movie, all we can say is that it did not end in a happy ending. But with the sequel ‘Tayo Sa Huling Buwan Ng Taon’, there seems to be some hope for the protagonists of the story. Or that’s what we think as of now.

One last chance

‘Huling Sandali’ highlights that one chance that you could get to start things over with the person you love. For sure, we’ve had our TOTGAs, right? The one that got away and that one person we’d like to start over with if given the chance. More often than not, we meet the greatest love of our lives at the wrong time. And even though love is present, it just didn’t happen. But if we get the chance to start over, without the world interfering, anyone would jump to take the chance. Despite the consequences, despite all the obstacles, we’d love to savor even just for one last time the love we’ve been waiting for and longing for all these years. Even if the timing is wrong, love is always right, right?

And the song perfectly captures that emotion. It captures the reality, the pain and the longing for that love we’ve missed out. Just because there are other things that we needed to consider. And I think everyone would be on board with December Avenue to take that one last chance. No regrets even though the world fucks us up. One last chance just to know if this time, it’s the right time.

Anyway! So much for the drama, stream ‘Huling Sandali’ by December Avenue in Spotify to hear it for yourselves!

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