Surviving a bad break up isn’t easy, so here’s an anthem to help you go by! Chandler Manzano introduces himself with ‘Hoy’, and it is out on Spotify now!

“Hoy,” here in the Philippines literally is something to call someone loudly with. I’m sure most of us have used this word one too many times in our lives. The point is, it’s a very common phrase. So when you read a song titled ‘Hoy’, you never expect it to break your heart. But Chandler Manzano gave the word a new meaning as he released his debut single under Viva Records called ‘Hoy’, and it’s honestly making us cry more by the minute. Here’s the official lyric video for ‘Hoy’!

Chandler Manzano

Before we talk about the masterpiece that is the song, let us first get to know the singer first! Chandler Manzano is Viva Records’ new an upcoming artist. As you already know, ‘Hoy’ is his debut single. Although new to the scene, you might have heard about him once or twice.

Some of us may not know this, but Chandler has been actively making covers for quite a while now! He brings in a new young flavor to some of the biggest hits by doing covers, and now he has his very own original song. While many teens of his age are busy with recreation and games, this boy is already cultivating a career for himself. And, watching the covers, we can already tell that he’s gonna go places.


Some things are better left off where it’s at. ‘Hoy’ tells us about the pain of losing someone you love and being replaced with someone new when you’re not even given the time to move on yet. In the song, Chandler sang particularly about meeting an old flame, and the memories both good and bad just rushed in. And, of course, with it comes the pain. The song may talk about breakups, but it also teaches us that life goes on and we should move forward. If you look at the lyrics, the singer is reminiscing the past, yes, and he has questions. Yes, he admits he still loves the girl, but it’s no reason to rekindle a relationship that has been broken. Towards the end of the refrain, he asks the girl to forget him, because he’s not hoping they’d get back together anymore.

You can now stream ‘Hoy’ on Spotify!

Chandler really did give us the feels with ‘Hoy’, but he’s just getting started. We can’t wait to hear his next songs! What did you think about ‘Hoy’? Tell us in the comment section below. You can also send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.