With our hearts already in pieces, Moira Dela Torre and I Belong to the Zoo don’t plan on stopping just yet. They just released the official music video for their latest single called ‘Patawad, Paalam’!

We think we knew pain when we first heard ‘Patawad, Paalam‘ by Moira Dela Torre and I Belong to the Zoo, but it turns out we were only setting ourselves up for another heartbreak. The official music video for the song is out now, and it killed us straight up! Watch it for yourself!

Patawad, Paalam

‘Patawad, Paalam’ by Moira Dela Torre and I Belong To The Zoo talks about the inevitable individuality in a relationship. No matter how much people love each other, there comes a time when one of them would need to find and recognize themselves apart from the relationship. In the song, however, the guy lost the girl in the process of finding himself, forcing the two of them to say their “Sorry,” and “Goodbye”. The song is more of a conversation than a duet, however, and in it, the guy was trying to return to the girl, but it’s already too late. Just hearing this song is enough to drive you to tears, but I think you would agree that it’s the music video that did it!

Amazingly cryptic storyline

First off, what is that “Season Two, Chapter One’ all about? Would there be a second or third chapter? should we be expecting more collab songs from them? Is this song part of an album we don’t yet know about? We have a lot of questions, but let’s focus on the MV first. The storyline of the MV is pretty cryptic in the sense that it doesn’t really give away much. From observation alone, we only know that JM De Guzman gives out newspapers in the morning and went home to find his girlfriend who was played by Anna Luna.

JM De Guzman is then portrayed as an old man who was in distress and probably still crying about the love of his life leaving him. The girl then returned to the same house to find a ring that the guy is thought to be keeping since she left. We now have the information that the guy was about to propose when the girl left.

It’s heartbreaking, all right. The way JM De Guzman searched for the girl when she left had us all in tears. At the same time, the music video opened the door for even more questions. What happened to the guy? How and why did the girl return to the house? What was the reason she left? If there is a second chapter, let’s see it already! We can’t wait for the events in this heartbreaking story to unfold!

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