Hope Ure Happy by Debbie Morena states the inevitable and inescapable truth about separation and breaking up.

Switching things up with a fusion R&B and lo-fi, Debbie Morena serves rare tunes in the local music scene. Unlike the usual R&B we hear, Debbie steps it up and makes it a whimsical melody with a dash of deliberate aesthetic. And with her debut single ‘Hope Ure Happy’, she presents how breaking up feels like, especially when the decision is mutual.

Debbie Morena sure sounds new to the ear. ‘Hope Ure Happy’ is the first track she has ever released on Spotify. And it’s nothing but a total treat. You can say that her sound seems familiar. You can sense the influence of lo-fi beats, similar to another Filipino artist, NoRome. At the same time, there’s also a resemblance to 88rising’s Joji and NIKI. But despite the similarities she has to other artists, she’s shown her talent in making it her own with how Hope Ure Happy turned out.

Hope Ure Okay

Tonight I’m ready for it

Just stay with me a little longer

Till we say goodbye as best friends to strangers

It’s basically an anthem about accepting the breakup. While most romance song we encounter talks about regret and wanting to get back together, ‘Hope Ure Okay’ stands on a different side. It shows a different side of the breakup where one finds their self accepting that it’s time to let go.

Despite the chill R&B vibe, it has this certain adrenaline rush that gradually increases towards the chorus. The silky melody has a bop to it. Not to mention, the lyrics are well put. It’s poetic yet casual. Not too cheesy, not too straightforward. But just right.

‘Hope Ure Happy’ isn’t entirely a game-changer but it can be considered as a great piece of work. Especially for a debut track. It’s clean and easy to digest, with remarkable tunes and lyrics.

You can listen to ‘Hope Ure Happy’ by Debbie Morena on Spotify!

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