Y ARA never fails to make us less cynical about love. Especially with their new song, ‘Holding on to a Smile’!

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This indie-pop duo is at it again! Y ARA has just released a new song last November 29 entitled ‘Holding on to a Smile’. And it’s making us hold on to the idea that there is a love out there that lasts!

So since Y ARA is a frequent name that we feature here on U Do U, most of you probably already know who they are. But for those of you who are learning of them just now, here’s a brief background on Y ARA!

Y ARA is an indie-pop duo based in Davao City. And they are composed of Gillian Aquino and Jhay Ehidio. They are also known for their hits like ‘Forever’ and ‘The Truth‘

So give ‘Holding on to a Smile’ by Y ARA a listen on Spotify, right now!

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Holding on to a Smile by Y ARA

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As always Y ARA makes us believe in loving again. Their songs always make us feel the joys that only having someone to love can bring. So despite our very cynical views on life and love, Y ARA makes us believe that true love exists.

Especially when they sing, “‘Cause I’m holding on to a smile and I’ll be there for you when you cry tonight.” Because it makes us picture the kind of love that chooses to look and hold on to the bright side of things. And that no matter what they go through, the pain or the challenges, they’ll be there holding on. Because they believe in the kind of love that they have. And it just makes us say, sana all!

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